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 "Out of the Pandemic, Growing Concerns About Teens and Mental Health"

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About Practice

Ketamine infusions show promising results for patients with chronic pain and mood disorders, and Avesta Ketamine and Wellness offers this innovative treatment option to patients in McLean, Virginia, Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, DC. The anesthesia and pain management professionals compassionately treat mood disorders and chronic pain while offering wellness infusions to athletes and other individuals using intravenous vitamins.

Avesta Ketamine and Wellness providers share extensive experience in the fields of anesthesiology and pain management. During their free consultations, they thoroughly assess each patient and their needs while making sure that ketamine infusions are the best next step in their care. The providers share a common goal of reducing pain, depression, and anxiety while improving overall wellness with a variety of options. 

Ketamine infusions, once only used as an anesthetic and sedative option for surgeries and other medical procedures, have shown to benefit patients with fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They offer near-immediate benefits after an initial set of infusions and regular booster infusions thereafter. 

Avesta Ketamine and Wellness also offers IV hydration and nutrient infusions, including Myers’ cocktail. Additional immunity, pain relief, and anti-nausea add-ons are available so patients can customize their treatment according to their needs at the time. These infusions are great for athletic recovery, surgery preparation, hangover relief, and nutrient balancing. 

Avesta Ketamine and Wellness helps patients optimize their mental and physical wellness with several high-end infusion options. To schedule a consultation, call either office or book a visit online today. 

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Ketamine IV Infusion Treatments work best for Hard-To-Treat and Treatment Resistant Illness.

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How does Ketamine work for Pain?

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How does Ketamine work for PTSD?

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How does Ketamine work for Anxiety?

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How does Ketamine work for Depression?

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The Use of Ketamine as an Antidepressant - Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Ketamine Administration in Depressive Disorders - A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


The Promise of Ketamine for Treatment - Resistant Depression


  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness  photo of Avesta Ketamine and Wellness


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NAMI: Montgomery County Walk

Whether in the form of a donation or registration, if you’re local to the DMV area, consider participating in this year’s NAMI Montgomery County Mental Health Awareness Walk! And if you do attend, stop by our tent to hear more about Avesta and our work.

Holistic Wellbeing & Movement: National Fitness Day

After running her first half marathon in 2015, Life and Career Coach Kim Bielak founded National Fitness Day; the first National Fitness Day was officially celebrated in 2017 - this year, Saturday, May 7th, is National Fitness Day.


Words from our patients

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    "Thank you again Dr. Eshkevari and staff. I would highly recommend this for anyone going through depression and anxiety."

    Ellen D.
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    "Moreover, Dr. Eshkevari is very professional and welcoming and the location is beautiful. Great, relaxing views during your sessions! Highly recommend."

    Pete K.
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    "Dr. Eshkevari is so friendly and warm. She explained what to expect from the appointment and the infusion so I was very much at ease! Post treatment, I felt incredible"

    Elizabeth G.
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    "I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that Dr. Eshkevari’s skillful treatment and compassionate bedside manner is lifesaving."

    Emily W.
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    "Dr. Eshkevari is an excellent guide and provided the expertise and empathy I was looking for. I highly recommend infusion therapy to anyone seeking another way forward."

    Stephen F.
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    "Dr. Eshgevari was so kind and caring. She tailored the amount of each vitamin in the infusion according to my symptoms."

    Pani F.
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