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Though ketamine infusion therapy is effective on its own, research shows it is more effective when combined with other lifestyle changes or therapeutic methods.




Importance of Therapy

At Avesta, we believe that having a trusted therapist is essential to get the highest efficacy from your ketamine treatments.  Ketamine integrative therapy gives patients a space to integrate thoughts and emotions that arise during their infusions with a mental health professional.  Read more about the importance of psychotherapy for integration while undergoing ketamine therapy, and KAP throughout our website.  

If you are interested in learning more, please call us and we will get you all of the information you need to get started.


One of the best ways to improve and accelerate healing is to combine ketamine infusion with traditional psychotherapy.

A dedicated and licensed therapist can help prepare and guide patients through the  process more directly, and provide a safety anchor as one uncovers and experiences factors that create anxiety or negative feelings during treatment.

Avesta Ketamine and Wellness has partnered with UpLift to help clients find a therapist, if they don’t already have one. Make your treatment more effective. Match with a therapist on UpLift.

UpLift makes it easy to find and schedule virtual care sessions with a licensed therapist. They have a large network of locally licensed therapists who cover a wide range of specialties and accept most major insurance plans.  

For more information or to find and schedule a session with a therapist visit


Other Recommended Therapists/Psychiatrists


Dr. Jon Thomas 



Ms. Mara Gutiérrez


*Mara Gutierrez has created a preparation and integration program for patients wanting support around their Ketamine experience. Mara is a MAPS-trained licensed psychotherapist, specializing in the therapeutic use of psychedelics and entheogens. You can learn more about her program here:


Yuelei Dong, M.D

(703) 831-8300 


Washington, DC

Vinnie Rotondaro

Ketamine Integrative Therapy


Vincent Greenwood, Ph.D.



Melanie Becker, MSW

(414) 939-9838



Washington Integrative Mental Health Services, LLC, Benjamin Bregman MD

(703) 593-9464


Dr. Lauren Rubenstein 


Dr. Negro, MD



Don Zuckerman, MSW
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapist (KAP)
202-483-2660 x6

Jared Putnam, M.D



Lindsay Schaferstein, PhD



Carol Andreassen, PhD

 240 687-2203


Deb Curry, PsyD

 (202) 281-0836


Brad Starring, MSW

(607) 327-4033


Caron Starobin, LSW

(301) 417-5979


***Great overall assessment and medication management/adjustments***

Robert M. Post, MD

(301) 530-8245