There are numerous studies on the positive effect of Ketamine on PTSD.

How does Ketamine work for PTSD?​

Scientists have investigated the mechanism of action of Ketamine on the brain, and what we know so far is fascinating!  

  • Ketamine increases one of your own existing brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters. 

  • The name of the transmitter is Glutamate and it is one that excites nerve cells at very specific receptors, which are the sites where the neurotransmitter work.

  • This increase in the chemical occurs in pyramidal cells of the brain that are impacted by PTSD.

What to expect from the treatments?​

  • The treatments include 6 one 45-60 minute sessions spread over a 2-3 week period.

  • Research has shown this regimen to be most effective.

  • In general, patients feel effects within the first 4 treatments, and are recommended to continue their regular care with a mental health practitioner, as well as their current drug regimen.


The response to Ketamine is very individual with some patients feeling the effects right away, while others require all six, and occasionally more treatments.

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